Waterfowl and Snow Goose Hunting Outfitter

Saskatchewan is a special place to visit and hunt; especially in the fall. The wonderful people, the beautiful scenery, the vast amounts of birds you will see driving from the airport to the lodge, the moose in the bush, the coyotes in a farmers field, a glimpse of the Northern Lights and the list is almost endless for what you will see and encounter on your trip to the land of living skies.

At Quill Lakes Waterfowl Outfitters we strive to give you the full Saskatchewan experience and the hunt of a lifetime. We pride ourselves on not only making sure you get your fill of wing shooting, but also that you have comfortable accommodations at our lodge, experienced guides, delicious full course meals, top notch equipment and all the amenities of home.

We focus all our attention on Canada geese, puddle ducks, diving ducks, Sandhill cranes and snow goose hunting. This is all we hunt, so that we can provide you the best waterfowl hunts possible. We recommend bringing an improved choke or modified choke, but you can leave the full chokes at home. All of the birds you will be shooting at will be over decoys with their feet down and in your face.

The waterfowl season opens in the beginning of September and we will hunt straight through until the end of October. Some parts of the season are better than others for targeting a certain species. If there is a particular bird you wish to hunt, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Saskatchewan provides us with very liberal limits of ducks, geese and Sandhill Cranes, and with the vast amount of birds that come through the province, why would you even think about hunting anywhere else?

We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

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